Jesus at the Centre 1 Corinthians 1:1-3

by Samantha Chambo

I often get confused about the focal point of my Christian life, like a cat chasing its own tail. There is so much that vies for priority and dominance. At times my religious activities can become a decoy from Satan, so I forget why I am here. This must have been the root problem in the church of Corinth. Paul does write to address many serious problems, but it seems as if they forgot the focal point of their lives in Christ. So Paul jumps in, starting with his greetings, reminding them whom it is all about.

He mentions Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus four times in the first three short verses. He was an apostle called of Jesus Christ, the church of Corinth was sanctified in Christ Jesus, and all the rest of the believers call on the name of Jesus, and then grace and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The theme of the rest of the letter is obvious from this introduction. Paul will talk about  Jesus Christ who calls us, and who sanctifies us and who gives us grace and peace. Jesus Christ is the start and the finish of our faith life, but we must make sure that he is the focal point of every other point of our journey.

So our family is ours by Jesus Christ, and our lives are lived in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ should direct every moment in between. Not living in this way creates many problems, as we see later in the book of 1 Corinthians. However, returning to Jesus Christ as the centre of our lives can set all things strait.

Think about it

How have I veered away from Jesus Christ as the centre of my life?

How can I practically return to holding Christ as the axis of my life?

For today:

Run every thought and prospective activity by Jesus and journal how this has made this day different then other days.


Father please forgive me for losing my focus on you. Help me to refocus and put you back at the centre of my life.


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