Superior Power 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

by Samantha Chambo


I have felt powerless and helpless for most of my life. This must be a result of witnessing my alcoholic father physically abuse my mother during of my formative years. The result is that I am always searching for ways to empower myself through education and I also believe in faking it until it feels real. So I strive to come across as an empowered competent woman. I do this by depending on my intelligence; my knowledge and I depend heavily on my gift of effective communication. This is also how I find myself approaching my ministry some times. I work hard at the things I believe is needed to be effective, hoping for the best.

The Corinthian Church also valued external sources of power and status. They valued wise words and eloquent speaking. That is why there were quarrels amongst them. It seems as if Apollos was known as an eloquent speaker, and the disciples in Corinth felt very proud to be able to say that they were discipled by Apollos. This resulted in divisions in the church, because they all wanted to defend the apostle that brought them to faith.

Paul was not impressed with this worldly attitude. He assured them that he did not depend on his own wisdom and eloquence when he first preached to them; he depended on the power of the cross of Christ. This is the real power of salvation (1 Corinthians 1:18). Totally depending on the cross of Christ is the most superior way to make disciples and it is also much easier. It takes the pressure of the minister. This will result in a strong united church that looks simultaneously at the glorious cross as the source of effective ministry.

Think about it

What are the things I fall back on when I need to feel powerful and confident?

Are these things or ways pleasing to God or is there a need to revise them?

For today

Consciously endeavour to turn to Christ first for any challenge or responsibility you face today.


Father help me to take pride in the message for the cross, because it is your power that will bring salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). Amen

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